The contemporary Kitchen: a whirl through atmospheres featuring exciting architecture

Essenza contemporary kitchen by Lube Cucine

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A place where the colours are even more genuine, where morning marks the start of a new day and where the rhythm and sounds of your life begin to take shape. This is Essenza by Lube Cucine, a kitchen of clean and delicate lines that will become the soundtrack to your life. Clean shapes have been adapted to created a relaxing ambience that is absolutely unique.

Free-spirited compositions featuring soft blends that mix elegant characteristics with the most refined materials. A truly captivating and highly prestigious kitchen whose pure lines have been studied at length to smooth its integration into your home.

A big personality tied to an unparalleled level of compositional flexibility. Great attention to detail is put into your living space, which can be exclusively personalised in whichever way you want. This gives you continuity of interior design.

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