Italian design minimalist kitchen: a blend of craftsmanship and industry

Irori Italian design kitchen by Zampieri

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Inspired to the ancient domestic Japanese fireplace from which it takes its name and clear and rigorous design, the Irori program by Zampieri kitchen is characterized by great transversality and dynamic use and from the peculiar possibility to enlarge and join the kitchen and living area.

The typical styles of Japanese furniture, in fact, are resumed in the harmonic adaptability of Irori to satisfy the different needs that follow one another during the day. The concept develops through building blocks which are destructured from the many compositional possibilities that promote the fluidity of aesthetics and enjoyment of the different rooms of the house.

The door, with the new thick of 8 mm, is proposed with groove or with customizable handles: the two options can coexist harmoniously respecting the essential style of the collection. With Irori the furniture adapt to new spaces and new ways of living the kitchen that now is even more one with the living room, becoming also a workspace.

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