Italian outdoor furniture: discovering incredible places

Plust Collection: modern form of living

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Plust chairs, tables, stools designed to create original combinations that adapt to every type of environment. The only thing to do is to choose the colour and fi nishing: lacquered recommended for interior and coloured for gardens and public spaces. But not only: luminescent materials, chromed surfaces, matt and even customized creations.

Points of colour and light, clothes stands, containers to hold the contents of your pockets, partitions, small sculptures and decorative elements to help you create your living environment and customise your spaces in a functional and attractive manner.

When these lamps are lit, the effect is that of soft light. Slowly, eyes become accustomed to the charm of a penumbra perfectly designed to provide an appropriate visual comfort. A true collection of light sculptures in which light enhances the characteristics of a never granted form.

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